With the recent resurgence of bed bugs, many businesses and homeowners are now tasked with ridding their establishments of this tormenting nuisance. Don’t spend another sleepless night. At Good Life Pest Solutions, our bed bug exterminator will evaluate the infestation and suggest effective treatment measures. 

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What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a nocturnal parasitic insect that bites, leaving itchy, swollen bites on their hosts. Since they can live for up to six months without food, they can be difficult to deal with. Concerned that you may have bed bugs? Look for these signs:

  • Brown flecks of parasite fecal matter on sheets
  • Spots of blood on sheets
  • Exoskeletons that bed bugs shed as they grow
  • Bad odors emanating from furniture
  • Bite marks on your body after a night of sleep

Most people are stressed by the thought of a bed bug infestation. Rest assured that at Good Life, we have years of experience in bed bug removal. No infestations are too big or too small for us to handle. We know where bed bugs hide, and we know how to eliminate the problem at the source so it never returns.

Bed Bug Treatment Options — What You Can Do

Although you can take small measure to mitigate, it is a fact that most infestations require profession help because bed bugs are a hardy insect.

  • Thoroughly clean your home by washing sheets in hot water and drying them in a hot dryer for 20 minutes.
  • Vacuum the floor and small crevices; empty the canister outside and disinfect surfaces.
  • Eliminate clutter piles where the bugs can hide during the day.

Pest Control Measures

Insecticide Spray & Aerosols

Most often, we use chemical sprays and aerosols formulated specifically to eliminate bed bugs. We’ll target the known location of the infestation and thoroughly treat all items in the vicinity: mattresses, bed frames, headboards, box springs, nightstands, tables, dressers, and more. Our goal is to apply the insecticide to every possible hiding place to eliminate the pests. Dust insecticide is especially effective, as it can be used to kill bed bugs in tight cracks and crevices.

Heat Treatment

Regarded as one of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs, heat treatments are a chemical-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly treatment option. We place portable heaters in the room where the infestation is occurring. We heat the space to above 120°F for two to three hours, killing the bed bugs no matter where they’re hidden. Perhaps the best aspect of bed bug heat treatment is that there is no need to dispose of linens or furniture. Once the heat treatment is done, just wash sheets and disinfect surfaces.

Steam Foam

Steam treatment, like heat treatment, delivers lethal heat to eliminate bed bugs. This treatment is especially useful if bed bugs are in tiny crevices and other such places, as the steam can penetrate their hiding spot. This can be used in conjunction with insecticide treatment, because bed bugs are more likely to expose themselves once heat or steam is applied.


Fumigating your home involves covering your property in an airtight tarpaulin and releasing a deadly fumigant designed to kill these stubborn pests. This may be used for particularly bad infestations in which localized treatment is not enough.

Keep in mind that at Good Life, we offer many other pest control measures if you need them, including ant, bird, cockroach, rodent, and spider control.

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