Ant infestations seem to happen overnight. One day everything is fine. The next, you walk into the kitchen only to see a colony of ants carrying their crumb collection to a crack by the door or cupboard. At Good Life Pest Solutions, we understand how to eradicate these pests.

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Why OTC Remedies Don’t Work

For most people, their first inclination at the sight of ants is to purchase ant traps, sprays, or other OTC (over the counter) measures. The problem is when you see one ant, there is always a whole colony following nearby, both indoors and out. So, you can kill hundreds of ants with store-bought products, but until you find and eliminate the entire colony, you will continue to have an infestation.

How Our Ant Exterminators Achieve Control

At Good Life Pest Control, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection, both inside and out, to determine the following information:

  • Identify ant type: Argentine ant, pharaoh ant, pavement ants, or carpenter ants
  • Identify scope of the infestation
  • Identify location of their nest
  • Create a plan that will work best for the layout of your home or business

Then we put the plan into action and rid your home of the invaders for good. Having problems with other unwelcome pests? We have a whole spectrum of pest control measures that we cater to your homes specific needs.

How To Prevent Ants From Returning

Maintaining a pest-free environment involves effort on the part of homeowners too. Take these measures to prevent ants from getting a foothold in your home.

  • Store food securely
  • Sweep the floor
  • Don’t leave pet food in the open
  • Fix any water leaks
  • Seal up the ant’s entry points to your home or business

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Put an end to the ant coup with ant control measures from Good Life Pest Solutions, and enjoy your home once again – pest-free.
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