If a flock of pigeons or other birds are making a mess out of your home and yard, the bird pest control experts from Good Life Pest Solutions have the answer to your problem.

Call (916)-481-0268 or schedule a pest control service now. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Types Of Birds We Remove

At Good Life, we are experienced in the removal of these common species of birds:

When Is Bird Control Necessary

  • Bird pest control is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, some species such as pigeons congregate in large flocks, and in a short amount of time, they can make a terrible mess with their droppings directly where your family or customers are walking. Secondly, when droppings dry, they turn to dust and can trigger asthma attacks in those who are sensitive.
  • It’s not just the droppings that are hazardous, however. Birds pose a threat to your roof and other building elements.
  • Droppings and debris from nests can clog gutters, causing water to pool and run over, ultimately rotting nearby wooden structures.
  • Bird droppings are highly acidic, and a buildup of bird waste can break down roof shingles, roof tar, and other roofing materials.
  • Birds often find entrances into attic spaces and chimneys, causing damage by abandoning nests.

Bird Control Measures

With our specialization in construction and home, commercial, and roof inspections, we are experienced in both safely employing pest control measures and in identifying and remediating any damage. We employ a combination of removal and preventive techniques to take care of and discourage future roosting problems.

These measures all work together to keep your property bird-free. Keep in mind that if you have other pest problems, we can help with all of the following:

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When birds are making a mess of your home or business, call in the bird control experts from Good Life Pest Solutions at (916) 481-0268 (Sacramento County Office) or schedule pest control service now.
We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas including Fairfield, Vacaville, Auburn, Rocklin, and West Sacramento.

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