Families enjoy the year-round outdoor fun that a pool or spa provides. 

At North American Home Services, our certified home inspection experts will make sure that all your safety boxes are checked with a comprehensive pool inspection.

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What Is A Pool Inspection?

Complete Pool & Hot Tub Inspections

Are you purchasing a new home or getting ready to put yours on the market? An NAHS swimming pool inspection will uncover any issues that need to be remediated prior to signing on the dotted line. Our certified master inspector will do a thorough examination of the pool:

Assess the pool decking, coping, tile, and pool surface for type and condition.

Determine if the pool drains are anti-vortex. This type of drain prevents swimmers from being trapped underwater due to excessive suction created by the pump.

Check the pump, ensuring that the motor is bonded and grounded. Bonding connects, contains, and prevents the transmission of any harmful electrical voltage to pool equipment, people, or pets.

Check operable condition of pool equipment including gas heaters, visible plumbing, filters, vacuum, skimmers, lights, and diving board (if applicable).

Inspect the condition of surrounding decking.

Check for California SB-442 compliance, the Swimming Pool Safety Act. We will document that safety measures either are or are not in place, based on the current guidelines of SB-442.

Comprehensive Reports

Once your inspection is completed, our inspector will issue a detailed, narrative report complete with pictures, a summary report, and estimated repair costs. You’ll have all the information you need to make or request repairs, negotiate pricing, or wait for a better deal.

Expert Home Inspection Services

Since 1978 our customers have trusted us with their homes and businesses. We offer a complete lineup of inspection services and are able to complete all inspections at just one appointment. Homebuyers and realtors love to work with us because we make it easy to complete all inspections during the short timeframe of escrow.

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