Mice look cute in a children’s book, but when you see one in your home or business, it’s a different story altogether.


Call Good Life Pest Solutions for a rodent exterminator to take care of this disease-carrying pest at (916) 481-0268 or schedule pest control service now. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas with our commercial and home inspection services.

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

Many homeowners see an uptick in rodent activity with the advent of cold weather in the fall, but they can be a problem any time of year. The following are all signs of a possible infestation:

Rodent Pest Control

Now that you know what problems you’re facing, rest assured that we have the answer with our rodent control service. Our plan includes inspecting the entire site, making recommendations to fit the situation, and suggesting and choosing control measures to be done by the customer. We also know how to find the entry and harborage points that mice and rats use, and we work to seal them completely. We may use any or all of the following measures:

  • Snap trap. This is the oldest type of trap and one of the most effective. They are meant to kill rodents on contact. We are very familiar with how to safely and strategically set snap traps to quickly kill rodents.
  • Live-Animal traps. A live-animal trap is meant to trap rodents but not kill them. They must then be released off the property.
  • Electronic trap. An electronic trap provides an immediate shock designed to instantly kill the rodent.

Keep in mind that if you have other pest control problems, we can help eliminate ants, bed bugs, birds, cockroaches, and spiders. 

Rodents Common To Sacramento

We frequently see these types of rodents in the Sacramento area.

Roof rats

As their name suggests, roof rats commonly find their way into the dry upper levels of a building, including the attic, but they are known to live anywhere. They are omnivores, meaning they are adaptable and can eat anything and everything. If they manage to establish themselves, they can quickly reproduce. In the matter of a few months, their population can expand from three to five times what it started at.

House mice

House mice are also omnivores, eating anything they can find. They are notorious for chewing wires, doors, plastic, cabinets, and anything else that gets in their way. They require little water, and can remain hidden in dark, confined spaces for long periods. The house mouse is found in both urban and rural homes and businesses and can quickly adapt to new environments.

Brown rats

Brown rats, which are sometimes referred to as sewer rats, street rats, or common rats, are driven inside by cold weather and found most often in dark basements and attics. The brown rat can reproduce throughout the year, and like other types of rats and mice, they reproduce quickly, with litters of as many as ten pups. These rats tend not to wander and like to stay close to their nest year-round.

Deer mice

Deer mice like to live in and around houses in both urban and rural locations that have plenty of foliage and vegetation. They move through tiny holes at ground level but are known to climb to upper floors. These mice in particular will tear through insulation, as their nests are quite large and become messy.

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