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Does your building meet the requirements of the California balcony inspection law ?

North American Home services provides the most thorough inspection reports in Northern California. With our SB 721 balcony inspections / deck inspections reports you will have detailed information that will help you make effective decisions for your property.

* With SB 721 in effect and a deadline around the corner, it is important to make sure your property is inspected and/or repaired by 2025.

Ensure the safety of your residents, tenants, and the longevity of your property by choosing North American Home Services for SB 721 compliance services. Give a call us today!

Countdown to SB721 compliance deadline (Jan. 1st, 2025):









What is Senate Bill 721?

 Senate Bill 721, also known as “the balcony law”, is a new law that has been set in place to ensure the safety of all EEE’s (Exterior Elevated Elements) that are attached to a multi unit structure such as apartments, triplex, or condos. If the balcony, walkway, or stairs is built 6 feet above ground or more it needs to be inspected by an Apartment SB 721 Inspection Service by the year 2025. The goal is to ensure safety compliance of the EEE’s so that the tenants are not at risk of failing structures that can cause harm or even death.

In addition to our comprehensive SB 721 balcony inspections service, we also specialize in SB 326 inspections.

Why SB 721 California law is so improtant

SB 721 is important because it prioritizes building safety, helps prevent tragic incidents, mandates regular inspections, ensures structural integrity, safeguards tenants and residents, promotes legal compliance, and raises public awareness about the significance of maintaining safe structures. It ultimately contributes to safer and more secure living environments for individuals and communities.

If you are worried about SB 721 inspection cost, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll provide you with all the necessary information.

You guys are true professionals! I'm looking forward to a long term partnership with Goodlife to meet our exterior capital improvements and other defensive projects to make sure our buildings are safe and secure! Everyone in your company treats our shared clients like VIP's! My clients do not have healthy budgets for these major projects. You guys work with us to revise the scope of work with the county departments to meet the clients needs first before your own and anyone else's. You guys are amazing!

Chris Brown

Our SB 721 Inspection Services include:


  • SB 721 balcony inspection, SB 721 deck inspection, inspection of rails, stairs, treads, risers, stringers and other connections or components.
  • Inspection of associated waterproofing elements, such as flashing, membranes, coatings, sealants and other moisture protections designed to prevent water intrusion of load-bearing components.
  • Detailed report that reflects our findings with that of the California State Balcony Inspection Law

SB 721 Inspection Process

As a balcony inspection company we offer:

  • FREE Consultations: Discuss the following for your understanding; Senate Bill, Inspections Process and Requirements, Repair Needs, Assess buildings and structures.
  • Proposal Process: We will put together a detailed proposal with a plan of action that fits your personal investment based on the number of EEE’s on your property.
  • Inspection Process: We will coordinate inspections with management and tenants to efficiently complete necessary inspections and develop reports based on our findings.
  • Estimate for Repairs: We have teamed up with our partners Good Life Construction to help alleviate some of the pressure of cost to repair. Our reports will help them develop a free estimate to offer to you (if needed) so that you can move quickly to avoid fees from the state.

If you already have an SB 721 inspection report and you know that your building didn't pass inspection, it's crucial to address all issues and bring your property into compliance as soon as possible. For reliable and responsible repair services, we confidently recommend Good Life Construction Company. Whether it's balcony repairs, deck repairs, or other exterior elevated elements, they have the expertise to ensure your property meets all necessary requirements.

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Worried about the 2025 deadline for inspections, we are her to work with you on relieving some of the pressure. Once we start the inspections process we will provide documentation that you can provide to your insurance and the state to avoid any dawning fees or regulatory actions. Call (916) 481-0268 or schedule an inspection now.

We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas including Fairfield, Vacaville, Auburn, Rocklin, and West Sacramento.

For reliable and thorough balcony inspections in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of Southern California, our partners at Diamond Touch Strategies LLC offer comprehensive SB 721 Inspections and SB 326 Inspections.

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