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Dry Rot Wood Is The #1 Defect Found In Sacramento-Area Homes

  • Dry rot can be hard to detect because it’s mostly within the walls, siding, and under flooring. It is much easier to prevent dry rot than it is to treat, so early detection is important.
  • Once it starts growing, dry rot spreads quickly. Our professional team offers free dry rot repair competitive bids. Once our bid is accepted, we’ll replace the rotting wood, take any other remediation procedures needed, and share preventive tips to help avoid dry rot infestation again. 
  • How To Identify Dry Rot? We recommend that homeowners perform regular checks on their wood structures of their home, as well as order an annual termite inspection with a certified professional so they can identify early stages of wood rot.  Dry rot is often found in places such as windows, exterior doors, outdoor decks, basements, wet rooms (any rooms with plumbing fixtures), and damaged roofs. The wood should be hard, not soft. Remember, If you catch dry rot before it starts to spread, you can save thousands of dollars. 
  • Check the condition of your siding regularly. Whether you have stucco, vinyl, hardie, or wood siding, it is always prone to small cracks where water can sneak through and get to the wood beneath it.

We Complete Over 1,500 Dry Rot Repairs Annually

  • Our crew is entirely in-house. No subcontracting. Our dry rot repair specialists are ready to service your home. 
  • We offer free painting services on all wood rot repairs (paint provided by the client).
  • As the number 1 wood rot company, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on our repairs.
  • We always offer FREE dry rot repair competitive bids if your home has a prior inspection report with dry rot findings.

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