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How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your House

The cockroach, of which there are many species, is one of the most common household pests. They show up seemingly overnight, and can hide just about anywhere in your home.  If you are reading this, then we know why you’re here—you have a cockroach problem. After some swatting and some smashing, those roaches just keep popping up, and you’ve got nothing left to try but find some help.  That’s why we’re here! You can get rid of even tough cockroach infestations, but it may not prove all that easy, especially if you go at it alone. Here is a guide to getting rid of cockroaches in your home, and knowing when it’s time to contact a pro. 

First, try to identify how the roaches made it inside your home. 

Like rats, cockroaches discreetly enter a home through tiny cracks and small holes, through pipes, and even by latching onto clothes or bags. By the time you notice one, there are likely dozens just behind. One thing you can do to prevent even more from getting inside is to figure out if there is an access point through which they’re gaining entrance to your house.  This might seem tough at first. Did they make their way through a crack, or maybe crawl up a pipe?    Start where you last saw a cockroach. If you last saw one in the kitchen, then they may have crawled through a tiny hole at the base of your wall. Maybe there is a door or window nearby that is open and allows them to come right through.  The goal here is to seal up your home from intruding roaches. Use caulk to close gaps in the wall and floor. Install new weather seals in windows and doors. Check that your plumbing is in working order, pipes are not rusted or deteriorated, and that there are not gaps around pipes which may give roaches an easy way in.  If you absolutely cannot find any place where a roach could have gotten in, then it may be that, as mentioned above, they hitched a ride into your home. 

Once you have shored up the roaches’ entry point(s), place gel and bait traps to catch the pests inside. 

Cockroaches like to hideout in dark places, near water and food. They’re often found in the kitchen, but they can be pretty much anywhere in a home. As we just mentioned, take note of your most recent sighting. This is the location that you want to place gel and bait traps Gel bait often comes in a tube, but you may find products with gel bait pre-applied to a paper trap. You can find gel bait or gel bait traps at most hardware or big box stores. Place the gel bait or gel bait traps near baseboards, cracks, and crevices. Try to put gel bait inside cabinets and behind appliances like refrigerators and ovens.  Another popular bait trap, which can be used instead of gel bait, is a bait station. A bait station attracts roaches with poison bait. Ideally, the poisoned roaches will drop dead and be eaten by other roaches, poisoning them. Place these bait stations in the same locations as you would with gel bait.  After a few days, check the location where you applied the gel or placed the bait station. You should find dead roaches if the gel or bait was successful. If you find nothing, you have two options: 1) apply the gel or bait in a different location, or 2) contact a professional pest control service. Remember, pests reproduce quickly—the longer you go without treating the problem, the more likely it is to get worse. 

What about boric acid?

Boric acid is deadly when consumed by pests. It is a substance found in things like detergent and toothpaste, but can be made at home by combining boron and water.  While boric acid can kill roaches, it’s not the best solution. It can be harmful to pets who may come across it and lick it up. You should never use boric acid if you have pets. It’s also more difficult to apply correctly, whereas traps are set-it-and-forget-it. 

Don’t leave out food or water. 

Besides offering great shelter, the inside of a home is like paradise for a cockroach because food and water is often for the taking. Even drops of water and crumbs on the floor are enough to sustain an infestation.  Place food in sealed containers, and check to make sure water is not leaking from pipes or sinks. Uncovered garbage bins also represent a problem, as food waste is a perfect meal for roaches. Cover your trash can with a lid, or remove the trash can from the suspected location of the infestation. 

When these measures aren’t enough to eliminate roaches, hire a professional pest control service. 

If your DIY solutions were of no help—or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle and want someone to handle it for you—then you need to contact a pro. At Good Life Pest Solutions, we know the ins and outs of cockroach control. Our team will inspect your home, determine the scope of the infestation, and explain the best treatment method. We employ a variety of treatment methods, including bait traps, bait stations, and whole home fumigation when needed. The best treatment is the one that lasts longest, so we will perform additional pest control services on a regular basis to keep those roaches gone for good.  If you are dealing with cockroaches, you may find it possible to get rid of them yourself. If not, the best thing you can do is get in touch with a pro. Give us a call today and we can schedule your pest control appointment! 

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