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Pool Care: Top 10 Pool Maintenance Best Practices

Since the pandemic, more people have opted to stay home and invest in updates and upgrades to their homes. Outdoor entertaining and a new pool are one way to stay home and have fun with family and friends. However, pools require maintenance to keep them looking crystal clear, clean, and enticing. Therefore, North American Home Services is sharing ten pool maintenance best practices. These tips will extend the life of your pool and keep it looking and operating at its best.

Pool Care: Top 10 Pool Maintenance Best Practices

Go with the Flow

Stagnant water will accumulate insects and bacteria over time. Thus, pool maintenance best practices include addressing issues that prevent your pool water from circulating properly. This involves our first four steps:

1. Skimmer. The skimmer collects debris on the pool surface. Once collected, the debris rests in the skimmer basket, which you should dump once or twice a week to avoid blockages. Be sure to turn off the pool pump prior to emptying the basket (and check the pump basket every so often, too).  

2. Jets. The secret to jets is to position them properly. Since you want to avoid stagnancy, aim the jets toward areas that don’t circulate as much. For example, ladders, stairs, corners, and the pool floor may require increased flow. Additionally, the best circulation flows in a loop, so that water goes in through the skimmer basket, filters, and recirculates through the rest of the pool before going back again. 

3. The Pump. Since the pump keeps water flowing and filtered, it should run regularly. For this reason, we recommend operating your pump most of the day (10-12 hours). Keep in mind that variable speed pumps provide energy efficiency and can save you money.

4. The Filter. Clean your filter when it reads 10 PSI or higher than normal, when your bottom drain is obstructed, or when the hose cleaner lacks suction. Fortunately, this generally occurs only a couple of times per season. Note that the cleaning method is contingent upon the type of filter. 

Having the Right Chemistry

Pool chemistry earns its place in pool maintenance best practices. Proper chemistry keeps water clear, clean, and bacteria-free.

5. Test pH. Test kits easily tell you the pH balance of your pool; be sure to test at least once per week. The ideal pH is 7.4 with a 0.2 to 0.4 variance in either direction. However, kits also tell the level of alkalinity, calcium, and more. 

6. Chlorinator. Check your chlorinator regularly to ensure proper chlorine tablet levels. If you have a salt pool, check the salt cell is free of buildup and residue. 

7. Shocking. Shocking the pool involves overwhelming it with chemicals to kill bacteria and contaminants. If you have an ozone system, the pool requires infrequent shocking. That being said, your pool may require shock treatment after heavy storms or some sort of contamination. 

    Cleaning: A Human Touch

    The pool system does a good job of cleaning on its own. Still, you’ll want to contribute to routine cleaning, too, which is the last of our pool maintenance best practices. 

    8. Vacuum. About once a week, attach a vacuum to your skimmer to collect debris settled on the pool floor. 

    9. Scrub. If you hate cleaning bathroom tiles, you may not enjoy scrubbing pool tiles. However, cleaning them removes scum, especially around the waterline. At the same time, you can enjoy being in the water while you work. 

    10. Net. Use a net with a long handle to remove any leaves, insects, or other unwanted items resting on the pool’s surface daily. 

    Pool Maintenance Best Practices

    We hope you’ve found our list helpful. If you need a pool inspection in Sacramento or the surrounding area, call North American Home Services today at (916) 481-0268.

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