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Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools: The Pros and Cons of Each

At North American Home Services, we’ve seen firsthand people are increasingly choosing to move or invest in their current homes. Of the major home improvements projects, people like to update bathrooms, kitchens, and office spaces. Outdoors, people go for landscaping, decks, and pools. When it comes to pools, homeowners often debate whether to choose saltwater vs chlorine pools. In this article, we review the pros and cons of each.

Saltwater Vs. Chlorine Pools: The Pros and Cons of Each

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

First, let’s be clear. No pool is chlorine-free. The difference lies in saltwater’s ability to generate natural chlorine, whereas traditional chlorine pools rely on man-made chemicals. With that understanding, we can begin with an overview of saltwater pools, which achieve chlorination through a salt-chlorine generator.

Saltwater Pool Pros

  • Use fewer chemicals, which saves you a lot of money over the life of the pool
  • Perform less maintenance
  • Protect the skin and eyes from irritation and keep swimsuits and beach towels from fading
  • Enjoy clean, smooth water that feels tangibly different on your skin.

Saltwater Pool Cons

  • Spending more money upfront on startup costs
  • Hauling heavy salt bags around and adding to the system
  • Cleaning the salt cell a couple of times a year
  • Replacing the salt cell in 5-10 years

Traditional Chlorine Pool

You may be familiar with how chlorine pools operate, but it bears repeating. Homeowners purchase chlorine buckets or tablets and manually add them. Additionally, pool owners regularly test the water chemistry, add, and adjust the chlorine accordingly. In terms of cost, you spend about as much money on purchasing a season’s worth of chlorine as you do on a new saltwater generator. 

Chlorine Pool Pros

  • No increase in upfront costs if you already have a pool, and fewer upfront costs than saltwater if you start new
  • Confidently maintain your pool’s cleanliness

Chlorine Pool Cons

  • Continue to incur chlorine, chemical, snd service costs every year
  • Chlorine and shock treatments are hard on the water
  • Pool and other hazardous chemicals must be handled with care and stored carefully
  • Consistent maintenance, testing, treatments, and so forth


When it comes to saltwater vs. chlorine pools, both do a fine job keeping the pool clean. However, saltwater pools cost less over the lifespan of the pool, require less maintenance, and provide a nice swimming experience. Moreover, the water doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes, and it doesn’t fade swimsuits and other materials. If you have a pool in Sacramento and would like a pool inspection, contact us at (916) 481-0268. We can also help with homebuyer inspections, pest inspections, and more. 

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