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Why Do I Have Cockroaches in My Home When I Clean Regularly?

Do you associate cockroaches with filth? If so, you may be in a confused panic to discover them in your “clean” home. You may wonder how this could have possibly happened when you regularly clean. If you find yourself asking the question, “How are cockroaches in my home,” North American Home Services provides some answers. Unfortunately, the creepy insects aren’t exclusive to filth. 

Why Do I Have Cockroaches in My Home When I Clean Regularly?

More than One Species

When you say, “There are cockroaches in my home,” you probably lump multiple species together. In reality, cockroaches in California include numerous different species. For instance, the American cockroach, German cockroach, Turkestan cockroach, oriental cockroach, and brown-banded cockroach flourish in California. Moreover, different things and habitats attract them. However, it’s adequate to say three main factors, especially combined, can lure them.

Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

Did you know many Americans cite a fear of the dark? If you’ve ever seen cockroaches scatter when you turn on the lights, it makes sense. Cockroaches thrive in the dark, which is where they lurk, awaiting their chance to find food, feed, explore, and reproduce. If you worry about cockroaches in your home, search for them in dark places, including plumbing, sinks, soffits, mulch beds, closets, storage sheds, basements, and pantries.

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Obviously, food attracts cockroaches. In particular, they enjoy sweets and starchy foods. Consequently, you should ensure that you never leave out any food unattended. You don’t have to have food lying around everywhere on unwashed dishes and in bedrooms to attract cockroaches. Once a creepy cockroach is in your home, they’ll find food. In fact, they even eat pet food. 

To prevent or address cockroach infestations, actively seal all food as much as possible. First, store all food in sealable containers. Then, vacuum regularly to remove food and crumbs from carpets and floors. Next, wipe down pantry shelves and counters regularly. Finally, keep pet food and bowls sealed and put away when not actively used.

What About Water?

Cockroaches, like every other living thing, require water to survive. However, their water source doesn’t have to be clean, running water. Instead, they thrive in humid areas, such as in sink drains, under sinks, basements, and other areas. In fact, a few vulnerable places in your home may come to mind as you read. If so, check them or contact a professional

Who Can Treat Cockroaches in My Home?

North American Home Services treats cockroach infestations for Sacramento homeowners and surrounding areas. We also treat spiders, rodents, and other pests. In addition, we provide quality home inspections and specialty inspections. Our robust services keep homeowners happy and safe. If you need home pest control services, call (916) 481-0268 to speak to a professional. 

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