Termite Proofing Your Home

February 20, 2020

Periodically having a termite inspection which is also called a Wood Destroying Organism inspection can offer a peace of mind to homeowners and homebuyers. 

Homeowners and homebuyers can also set up bait stations, use local treatments or fumigation to treat termites. 


Bait stations are a good way to “feel” protected from a termite infestation- however, since there are “gaps” between the stations in theory, termites can still invade.

It is only fair to say that the vast majority of companies that offer termite bait stations also offer a guarantee of up to $1M in the case of an infestation. Termite bait stations require periodic monitoring and require a recurring service fee.

If you have a bait station that is not properly monitored, you may not be protected, often times the bait stations are not filled with termiticide until termite activity is detected. To have these properly filled please contact a termite inspector. 

Local Treatments

Local treatments are another option for getting rid of small areas of termites. 

A local treatment is performed by licensed termite inspectors by using termiticides or other chemical substances that come in forms such as dust or liquid applications.


Fumigating your home is also an option that includes placing a tarp over the home and then releasing a fumigant throughout the structure. Doing this allows the fumigant to circulate and get into deep crevices and parts of wood where termites could be living. A licensed termite inspector will be able to help you determine if this is the correct treatment for your home.

You should always be sure to check in with a licensed termite inspector to determine the best option for your home or for more information on home inspections or to get an evaluation please contact us at North American Home Services.

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