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4 Types of Bed Bug Removal

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Bed bugs are often the last thing people consider when planning their spring break trips. As a result, bed bug infestations continue to rise. Thankfully, North American Home Services has all the right solutions should you bring these pests home with you. So, before you call a less qualified exterminator, let’s look at our proven […]

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How To Remove Problem Birds From Homes and Businesses

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Animal and nature lovers often enjoy birdwatching. Homeowners even install birdfeeders containing food to attract specific species for their viewing pleasure. However, not all birds are welcome. In fact, some cause major issues. In this post, North American Home Services reviews how to remove problem birds, as well as which birds are problematic and why.

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What You Should Know About Crape Myrtle and Lawn Insects

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Let’s face it. It’s isn’t easy to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape. In fact, it often requires significant time and money. The last thing you want is pests and insects to ruin your investment. In this post, North American Home Services describes crape myrtle and lawn insects that infest your landscape and how to […]

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I Have Bed Bugs! Now What?

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When it comes to household pests, people dread bed bugs more than others. Of course, since bed bugs feast on human blood while people lay sleeping in bed at night, that makes sense. Unfortunately, bed bugs present huge challenges when it comes to successfully treating them. To that end, North American Home Services (NAHS) covers […]

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