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What You Should Know About Crape Myrtle and Lawn Insects

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Let’s face it. It’s isn’t easy to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape. In fact, it often requires significant time and money. The last thing you want is pests and insects to ruin your investment. In this post, North American Home Services describes crape myrtle and lawn insects that infest your landscape and how to […]

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Prevent Termites in the Home With These Three Prevention Tips

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Given their small size, it’s hard to imagine just how destructive termites are. Unfortunately, these tiny insects can cause enough structural damage to ruin a residential or commercial property. Customers rely on North American Home Services to treat a  myriad of pest issues, including termites. That being said, prevention is equally important as treatment. For […]

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15 Types of Specialized Home Inspections

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Most homebuyers request home inspections. Rightfully so, you shouldn’t be locked into a contract with a defective product that the seller didn’t disclose. And while a general home inspection will give you general information on the status of a home, many issues require a specialized professional to uncover. Specialized home inspections in California give you […]

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4 Inspections for First-Time Homebuyers to Consider

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The home-buying market continues to thrive, boosting home values right along with it. First-time homebuyers eager to make their purchase sometimes miss important opportunities in the process. At the same time, all homebuyers benefit from learning about home inspections, what they include, and what they don’t. For this reason, National American Home Services (NAHS) reviews […]

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