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Prevent Termites in the Home With These Three Prevention Tips

Given their small size, it’s hard to imagine just how destructive termites are. Unfortunately, these tiny insects can cause enough structural damage to ruin a residential or commercial property. Customers rely on North American Home Services to treat a  myriad of pest issues, including termites. That being said, prevention is equally important as treatment. For that reason, take advantage of these helpful tips to prevent termites in the home.

Prevent Termites in the Home With These Three Prevention Tips

1. Look Out for Moisture

Tempt termites with moisture and food, and they may very well answer the call. Yes, termites flourish in moist areas, which is why homeowners should prevent any issues where moisture may attract them. Fortunately, there are several ways to tackle moisture problems to prevent termites in the home.

First, note any areas of standing water in your yard or next to the home’s foundation. Whether due to grading or other issues, standing water close to the home invites termites to visit. Second, check gutters and downspouts to ensure they function effectively. Third, make sure your faucets and pipes don’t leak, and that they function properly. Finally, double-check the soil and mulch around the perimeter of the home. Termites like moist soil, especially if it provides access to the home.

2. Understand Their Food Source

Like all living creatures, termites require food to survive. For termites, wood is their food, and they have voracious appetites. Obviously, both residential and commercial properties contain enough wood to feed colonies for an extended time. Unfortunately, they can cause significant damage before property owners ever become aware.

Property owners living in areas where termites exist should understand their risk level, and take steps to prevent termites in the home. For example, wise homeowners know to keep firewood and other wood-based items out of the crawl space at a safe distance from the home’s foundation. You can also remove tree stumps and burn or move woodpiles away from the home. Additionally, it’s a good idea to inspect wood decks, fences, and the like for any signs of emerging issues or damage. 

3. Use Professional Termite Pest Control 

When it comes to termites, we strongly encourage you to use professional pest control services. Termites cause extensive damage, and they aren’t easy to see by the untrained eye. Therefore, a professional termite inspection provides confidence that the property is termite-free. That being said, a pest professional can also help prevent termites in the home in several ways. Moreover, they can create a treatment strategy should termites exist.

Pest control companies can perform several functions, including:

  • Provide routine inspections
  • Seal entry points to the home
  • Offer suggestions to mitigate any risks

Protect Your Home With Expert Pest Control 

Sacramento homeowners understand that protecting their home investment requires adequate pest prevention and control. Rodents, ants, termites, and other pests don’t stand a chance with North American Home Services. To make things easier, feel free to schedule an inspection online. Call (916) 481-0268 with questions.



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