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How To Prevent Rats in Your Sacramento Property

Nobody really enjoys spotting a mouse on their property, but it happens occasionally. That being said, most homeowners would choose mice over rats. Yet, Sacramento home and business owners know rats love the rivers, structures, and food the city has to offer. As a leading pest control company, North American Home Services knows pests, including rats. If you’re wondering how to prevent rats, keep reading to find the answer to that question and others.

How To Prevent Rats in Your Sacramento Property
Rats in Sacramento

Sacramento homeowners generally experience two types of rats: the Norway rat and the roof rat. You’ll spot the Norway rat by its clumsiness as it scurries along the ground. Roof rats, on the other hand, prefer to live at higher elevations. Consequently, you’ll see them on rooftops and in attics. 

The Problem With Rats

Rodents are problematic because of their sharp teeth, hairy tales, and generous size, but they also carry diseases. In fact, mice and rats carry over 35 diseases among them. Even worse, they play host to parasites and bacteria. It goes without saying that no one wants these uninvited guests in their homes. 

In addition to disease and bacteria, rats are also destructive. Their teeth are made for tearing and chewing, and they do it well. Chewed cables, wiring, wood, and furniture can all indicate a rat infestation. They can even cause electrical issues and fire hazards due to chewed wires. Finally, they completely contaminate food. 

How To Prevent Rats

In particular, we recommend using our professional pest control services when it comes to rodents and rats. Residents and commercial property owners alike benefit from rodent control services delivered by pest professionals. That being said, property owners can tackle the issue in numerous key ways themselves. 

First, rats forage for food and eat whatever they can find. Animal food left outdoors can attract rats to your home. Therefore, it’s best to take leftover bird food, pet food, and human food indoors. Moreover, locking your trash bins keeps out all kinds of critters. 

Inside your home, keep all food and storage containers tightly sealed. Wipe crumbs as they gather, and clean your kitchen counters frequently. Vacuum floors frequently after meals and as needed to remove any crumbs from floors and couch cushions.  

How To Eliminate Rats

Most people hire a pest professional when they see a rat on their property. At NAHS, our experts will inspect every area of your property that appeals to rats. Should we locate them, we’ll review the extent of the problem and review how to resolve the issue. This may include sealing access points spotted on the property exterior, covering vents, and inspecting the roof. Afterward, you’ll have all the information you need to determine how to protect your home. Sacramento property owners can schedule an inspection online or give us a call at (961) 418-481-0268.


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