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Most homebuyers request home inspections. Rightfully so, you shouldn’t be locked into a contract with a defective product that the seller didn’t disclose. And while a general home inspection will give you general information on the status of a home, many issues require a specialized professional to uncover. Specialized home inspections in California give you the knowledge and negotiating power to strike the best deal.  North American Home Services covers 15 specialized home inspections in this post for your review and consideration.
15 Types of Specialized Home Inspections

1. Wood-Destroying Organisms

Wood-destroying organisms include termites, dry rot, and certain types of fungi. Over time, wood-destroying organisms can cause immense structural damage. Structural integrity challenges present the biggest, most costly dilemmas for homeowners. As a result, we highly recommend this inspection when purchasing a wood home, especially one in an area known for termites.

2. Mold Inspection

While some people seem unbothered by mold, it causes severe respiratory distress to others. Moreover, some types of molds are toxic, and people should not be exposed to toxic mold. Don’t be complacent about mold. Just because you don’t see visible signs doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

3. Structural Inspection

Sagging roofs, angled floors, and cracks above doors all indicate potential structural issues. As noted with wood-destroying organisms, any structural integrity issues could spell disaster. 

4. Roof Inspection

Speaking of sagging roofs, a roof inspection comes next on the list of specialized home inspections. Many roof issues escape a glancing inspection. Therefore, give yourself peace of mind with a roof inspection from a licensed, insured inspector. 

5. Electrical Inspection

Since electrical issues represent a high degree of fire risk, have a licensed electrician perform this specialized home inspection. Specifically, it’s especially relevant to older houses or those with renovations. 

6. Plumbing Inspection

Use a professional, licensed plumber to perform the next on this list of specialized home inspections. The plumber will look for pipe and fitting connections, check water pressure, and spot leaks, especially for homes built before 1990.

7. HVAC Inspection

Unkempt and neglected HVAC systems cause a system failure. While some failures require little to correct, others necessitate new systems entirely. Simply because the house is newer doesn’t mean the HVAC equipment was well-maintained or appropriate for the space.

8. Pest Inspection

If the seller used a pest control service, ask for their paperwork. Also, know that pests vary by geographic region and time of year, so inspect accordingly. Finally, ensure you use a pest inspector who is credentialed. 

9. Lead Inspection

You may be surprised to see this on the list of specialized home inspections. Remember, homes built before 1978 still exist and contain the potential for lead. Lead presents a risk to children and pregnant women. 

10. Radon Inspection

Radon increases the risk of lung cancer and presents a risk to anyone exposed to it. Fortunately, you can test for radon with a store-bought kit. If you include this in your list of specialized home inspections, be sure to test the basement or crawlspace. 

11. Chimney Inspection

A certified chimney inspector assures the fireplace is properly vented. Additionally, they check for cracking, chimney deterioration, creosote buildup, and nesting critters.

12. Sewer Inspection

Intrusions and leakage can wreak havoc on your wallet, so adding this to the list of specialized home inspections addresses the risk. You’ll also confirm the tank is the proper size for the house.  

13. Land Inspection

Erosion and soil settling can impact a home’s foundation and affect its structural integrity. In addition, homes built on hills or cliffs also require inspection. 

14. Pool & Spa Inspection

California law requires pool safety inspections. You should know that everything is operational, but also that the pool or spa is protected from unwanted visitors. 

15. Asbestos Inspection

Like radon, you should consider an asbestos inspection if the home was built before 1980.

General and Specialized Home Inspections

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