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Do Bug Bombs Work? What You Should Know

Bug Bombs for Pests in Sacramento, CA

Dealing with a pest infestation is no fun. Many people look for DIY solutions in hopes of quickly eliminating annoying pests. Some of these solutions work better than others. A bug bomb, or total release fogger, is one of the more commonly used DIY pest treatments.

But do bug bombs actually work? And how safe are they for your home, family, and pets?

Targetting Pests with Deadly Bug Bombs

Bug bombs release chemicals that are deadly to targeted pests and are specifically formulated depending upon the pest you’re dealing with. There are cockroach foggers, bed bug foggers, flea foggers, and so on—you can likely find a bug bomb for any pest you have.

While there are many types of bug bombs on the market, they all work the same way. Foggers come in aerosol cans. Inside the can is a chemical mixture. Once released, the chemical fills the air and lands on surfaces in your home. The chemical mixture is intended to kill pests on contact.

Though these foggers make hefty claims—going as far as to promise a one-and-done treatment—they may not be as effective as they seem.

Pests like roaches, bed bugs, and spiders are known to hide in hard-to-access areas, including cracks and crevices. Bug bombs may effectively kill pests on open surfaces, such as countertops or the floor, but are ineffective when it comes to cracks, crevices, and anywhere pests hide. Pests that manage to avoid the chemical vapors will live to see another day.

In short, bug bombs are not the most effective pest treatment method. Pests that hide won’t have any trouble staying alive.

Bug Bomb Safety Precautions

If you use a bug bomb, be sure to follow the instructions closely, as they can cause injury to people and pets. If used incorrectly, foggers can pose a health threat to humans and pets. They can cause a variety of health problems if inhaled, including:

  • Nose and throat irritation
  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Allergic reactions

In general, such health issues only occur with significant exposure, which can be the result of using the bug bomb incorrectly. Some bug bombs specify that users must leave their home for a period of time until the fogger has dissipated. This will be clearly written on the package.

But using the fogger and then leaving the home is just one of many safety precautions that you can and should take. Below are general guidelines that can help you apply a bug bomb safely:

Use only the recommended amount of fogger. Foggers come in a variety of sizes. Some even come in packs of two or three. A standard fogger is enough to fill an area of 1,000 cubic feet, with packs of two or three capable of double or triple that. Before you buy a bug bomb, be sure to calculate the size of the space in which you intended to use it. Haphazardly using too much fogger can result in the chemical lingering in the air longer than expected.

Store food securely. Put all food away in containers with lids, and store in your refrigerator, freezer, or cabinets.

Prepare to leave the home before you open the fogger. If you buy a fogger that instructs you to leave your home, be sure to make preparations before you use the fogger. Be sure everyone, including pets, leave the home until it is safe to return. Check the label on your fogger to determine how long you must vacate the home.

Turn off anything that can cause a spark. Bug bombs are flammable. Pilot lights, flames, or sparks can cause a fire or explosion. Before you use the fogger, switch off appliances that may cause a spark. Do not place the fogger near ignition sources. Place it away from gas and electrical appliances.

When you return home, air out the space. Open windows and doors to allow any lingering fogger to escape. If there is still a strong smell, remain outside.

A bug bomb is a good treatment choice if you know exactly where the pests are located, and you are sure that you can perform the treatment safely. Just remember that a fogger is unlikely to eliminate all pests, as many pests hide in places that foggers can’t reach.

For more information, the EPA has fogger safety videos that can help.

When to Call in the Professionals

Call a professional pest control expert if your bug bomb doesn’t work. A pest control company has both the tools and experience to get rid of your pests for good. And they can perform treatments safely, ensuring neither you, your family, nor pets are in any danger. You can also get additional pest control treatments on a regular basis to keep pests from ever coming back.

If you have pests, contact the pest control pros at Good Life Pest Solutions today! We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas including Roseville, Lincoln, El Dorado Hills, Woodland, and Davis. We’ve seen it all, and can treat infestations of cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, and more. Get in touch by giving us a call at (916) 481-0268, or schedule your inspection online today.

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