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Living with Mice? Why Attic Decontamination is Needed

Mice in the home are never a good thing, and many homeowners assume that once the pest is gone, so is the problem. However, that’s not the case. Mice don’t just live on the ground level of your home. They live throughout the entire structure, including the attic. For many homeowners, a mice infestation in the attic can go undetected for months, giving the rodents time to multiply. So, here are several reasons to call North American Home Services for attic decontamination.

Living with Mice? Why Attic Decontamination is Needed

Mice Destroy Insulation

To build nests and keep their young safe, mice use insulation. They shred it apart and burrow inside of it. They even bring in outside twigs, leaves, animal fur, and trash to build themselves a comfortable spot. Unfortunately, all these outside contaminants bring mold spores and bacteria into your home. Not to mention, your insulation becomes less effective because of all the damage.

Mice Carry Diseases

If you think the mouse droppings in your pantry or drawers gross you out, just think about what you’ll find in the attic. The attic will be full of mouse droppings and urine, which means the insulation is toast and likely smells. The only cure for this much rodent damage is attic decontamination.

Mice Attract Other Pests

Along with mice come ticks, fleas, and a slew of diseases. If you have young children or pets, protecting them from these contaminants is vital to their health. Additionally, mice attract other pests like cockroaches, flies, and ants—every single one of these feeds off mouse droppings and even deceased rodents.

Mice Create Entryways into Your Home

Mice have a way of finding the smallest entry point into your home, and they also love to create bigger ones. Additionally, they tend to chew holes through the roof and the siding, which invites other pests. Once your attic becomes an animal hotel, the only way to clean it up is through attic decontamination services.

Get Started on Attic Decontamination Today

Are you looking for a team to take care of the inspection, roof repair, and attic decontamination following a rodent infestation? Then pick up the phone and call North American Home Services today. We help homeowners throughout Sacramento, CA, get rid of pests and clean up their homes. So, pick up the phone today and dial (916) 481-0268.

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